Privacy Policy

Your Information is Private
We greatly respect your privacy. will never share, rent, loan or distribute your personal information with any third parties.

Your Personal Information is Secrue
Your credit card and personal information is kept secret by using a 250-bit SSL encryption protocol. We do not store credit card information on our servers, but instead use Paypal as credit card processor.

Cookies and User Tracking
A “cookie” is a small piece of HTTP data that is sent from a website to a web brower. While the user is on a website, the user’s internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer…) sends activity information to the website. The Autofill option in a browserwhich remembers a user’s email, name, address and shipping information is a good example of a cookie. uses such cookies as well in an effort to improve our customer’s experience while on our site.  We use Google Analytics to gain insights about our customer’s activity. We never track an individual user’s data. Instead, as per the Google Analytics policy, user data is anonymous and never associated with a specific individual. For example, we may know that the site received 800 users in San Diego, but we would have no way of knowing who those individual users were. To read more about Google’s Policy, click here.