Everything About Commercial Drones

The commercial drone industry continues to see incredible growth as camera mounted drones, or unmanned-aerial-vehicles, are sold to businesses and private individuals alike. This article explores the commercial and recreational drone industry by reviewing its origins, its adoption rate by some businesses and threat to others. We also take a look at the leading commercial done manufacturers and review some of the regulation that this new industry is facing. [Read More…]

Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) Commercial Drones

Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd., better known as DJI, is the leading designer and manufacturer of commercial-grade drone products. This company is truly remarkable not only for the products they sell, but also because it is a Chinese-company defining an industry worldwide. [Read More…]

What Are Drones and How Are They Being Used?

You will no doubt of heard of drones, because they are in the news virtually every day, but what exactly is a drone and why is a drone any different from any other radio controlled aircraft and, perhaps, more importantly, who is flying these drones, and why? [Read More…]

How to Get Started with Drones

Once you have purchased a drone, there are still a number of steps that you must take before you can actually start flying it. You will need to register your drone, obtain a license and find out where you’re allowed to fly it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you will need to do before you can start flying a drone. [Read More…]

How Drones Are Making Movies More Spectacular

Drones have been used for some time for capturing coverage of sporting events and news stories, but they are now increasingly being used in the making of films. Using drones to capture aerial footage for movies can give audiences spectacular views of the action of a kind they have never seen before. Today, the makers of blockbuster movies and ground-breaking TV series are using drones to capture footage that is adding a whole new dimension films and TV shows. [Read More…]

Is Amazon Prime Air the Future of Delivery?

Having drones autonomously deliver your Amazon products within thirty minutes of you ordering them might seem a bit too sci-fi to be true, but Amazon is taking their Amazon Prime Air drone delivery plans very seriously and it could be that drone technology could really be the future of delivery.[Read More…]

How drones are transforming the oil and gas industry

To keep oil and gas equipment operating at optimum levels is a challenging and costly task that includes continual monitoring of equipment, the completion of regular preventative maintenance, and the planning of down time for repairs. Keeping up with this essential monitoring and maintenance is expensive, both in terms of manpower and in terms of maintenance costs and ongoing capital expenditure. [Read More…]

Awesome Mini-Drones You Will Definitely Want to Try

Small drones are easy to fly and they are a great way of starting off your drone flying hobby. Their small size makes them very easy to transport, they are lightweight, so you can keep them airborne with very little effort and, despite their small size; there are some small drones that can be used for aerial reconnaissance flights. Small drones are growing rapidly in popularity and some people say that, in the future, the mini drones will be used for covert operations by special ops teams. Here are eight of the best mini drones that we just know you are going to want to fly. [Read More…]